Aveo RedBird Conforma™

for Cessna™ 177 Cardinal

Aveo invented the Conforma™ airframe - skin conformal lighting solutions a decade ago for the General Atomics™ Predator UAVs. Since then we have built and delivered a few thousand tips to owners of VANS™, Cessna™ 150, Cessna™ 172, and Mooney™ aircraft, as well as numerous other UAVs around the world. Thanks to the Cessna 177 Cardinal pilots scattered around the world, Aveo releases the RedBird™ conformal wingtip all-in-one lighting solution in a world class winglet designed and manufactured by Aveo in Carbon Fiber.

Aveo ZipTips Vegas™

for VANS™ Aircraft

The ZipTips Conforma™ from Aveo is an unparalleled multi-functional lighting solution that dramatically increases safety of flight. Light intensities are multiple times brighter than the design minimums and competitive products, circuitry is proprietary and made by Aveo, optics are all custom Aveo technologies, and the quality is nonpareil.

Aveo Crystal Conforma™

for Mooney™ Aircraft

Aveo Engineering is excited to announce the release to EASA MOD Certification pending status of its paradigm-shifting Conforma™ lighting technology now being used by so many of the world’s famous aircraft manufacturers. Aveo introduces Crystal Conforma™ for the Mooney™ M20J, M20K, M20L and M20S.

Aveo Crystal Conforma™

for Cessna™ 150 / 172

Aveo Engineering is excited to announce the market release of its paradigm-shifting Conforma™ lighting technology for the Cessna™ 150 and 172 series. You too can have the sleekest, brightest, safest aircraft in the sky while decreasing drag at the same time.

Aveo Starlet™

for Stemme™

Introducing the ultimate thin winglet Conforma™ light from Aveo Engineering - Aveo Starlet™ for Stemme that provides NAVIGATION and STROBE coverage with only 8mm / 0.314″ height!